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The piece is intended to create a sensory environment for the examination of power, interaction, control, male sexuality and machine figure conducting self erotic actions, are randomly controlled by the laser bar code scanner attached to a mechanical arm which extends and retracts, occasionally scanning preprogrammed bar codes which cover the constantly rotating grinders.

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We view Apps different than books or songs, which we do not curate. If you want to describe sex, write a book or a song, or create a medical App.CONAN: DOES SHE WANT YOU TO WEAR SUN BLOCK ALL THE TIME? I HAVE HUGE CHUNKS OF SKIN THAT I'VE HAD FASHIONED INTO LAPELS. SO SHE'LL CALL YOU UP AND SAYING IF YOU'RE WEARING ENOUGH SUN BLOCK. SHE'S ALWAYS CONCERNED ABOUT THINGS LIKE THE, YOU KNOW, THE GARBAGE DISPOSAL BEING SANITIZED, WHO EVEN KNEW THAT WAS SOMETHING THAT YOU HAD TO DO. For the most part, using common sense won’t steer you wrong.If you upload media that might be considered sensitive content such as nudity, violence, or medical procedures, you should consider applying the account setting “Mark my media as containing sensitive content”.

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