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This generally can be traced to periods over the last few decades when the barriers to consolidation were outweighed by political will, financial necessity and technology advancements.

Before discussing barriers to consolidation, we need to identify the different types of consolidation.

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In practice, it would be a disaster on several levels.Throughout this article we use the term “dispatch center” to refer to the communication centers that perform dispatch operations and serve as a primary or secondary Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for their communities.After completing dozens of consolidation studies and working with numerous county, city and state agencies on emergency communications issues, we have observed cycles of embracing and fearing the consolidated dispatch center.While "efficiency" is often touted as one of the most appealing reasons for government consolidation, the benefits are often overstated.The benefits as noted below include improved bargaining power and reduced service duplication, but the disadvantages are often under-represented and include increased corruption and the loss of competitive suppliers.

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