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Today, a more innocent reason for face painting is ... It is a common entertainment at county fairs, large open-air markets and other locations where children and adolescents gather, like theme parks and festivals.At home, it's a very easy entertainment activity at kids' birthdays, teen graduation parties or just a rainy day way to break the boredom. Whether used to enhance a wrestler's gimmick, used as a form of intimidation or a combination of both of those elements, adding some face paint made some guys that much cooler. Although not used that much any more, face paint used to be a staple of professional wrestling.Wearing face-paint to war has not always been about camouflage, but also about identifying warrior bands and frightening the enemy.For example, movies like Braveheart depict the blue ‘woad’ paint as a Celtic staple.Here are the 20 coolest face painted wrestlers of all time.

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It’s an ancient but effective method of blending in with one’s surroundings.Here, J takes us through the entire unlikely journey, sharing the wild stories and wilder symbols behind each card.It isn't always simple: "If the Dark Carnival and the Juggalos could be explained that easy," he says.Musically, however, their greatest accomplishment is the so-called "first deck" of Joker's Card LPs, a seven-album cycle that introduces, plunges the depths of and ultimately reveals the secret behind a mythical allegory called the Dark Carnival."The Dark Carnival is our religion," Violent J tells , a box set compiling the entire deck.

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