The body language project dating attraction and sexual body language

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I don't know about being a MPUA [Master Pick Up Artist] but learning the skills I think is worthwhile." "I was very fortunate to get to read an early version of The Body Language Project: Dating, Attraction and Sexual Body Language.Section 1: Reading People – An Introduction Section 2: Personal Space Defined Section 3: Strategies To Establish Closeness On Inviting Women In Avoiding Power Plays On Cornering Haptic Communication – Touch Whispering Signaling And Testing Testing Closeness With Body Parts Objects As Symbolic Closeness Bad Days Section 4: Signals Of Female Disinterest Crossing And Blocking Showing The Tongue Through Compressed Lips Full Body Steeple Leaning And Proximity Section 5: Signals of Female Interest The Room Encompassing Glance The Parade Echoing And Mirroring Pointing Isn’t Rude Showing Interest Through Leg Crossing The Pointing Knee The Leg Twine Pigeon Toes The Head Tilt Neck Touching Shoulder Shrugs Rotation Of The Pelvis It’s In The Hair Showing Wrist Grooming And Preening Hiking The Skirt Laughing And Smiling Her Eyes Eye Blink Rate The Forehead Bow The Tape Her Teeth Chewing Rate Touching You The Pat The Mouth Childlike Playfulness Proximity Skin Sensitivity Available Women Only Toward you She Wants to Dance The Rule Of Four Conclusion Section 6: Using Body Language To Gain The Advantage – A Focus On Male Body Language Making A Good Impression Through Body Language The Human Odor Working On Your Self-Confidence Appearing Relaxed And Calm The Annoying Alpha Relaxed Body Postures Keeping A Positive Spirit Slowing Your Speech Tonality The Power Of The Smile Eye Games Eyeball Assault Gazing Instead of Staring Only Having Eyes For Her The Peek-A-Boo Game The Eyebrow Flash The Head Drop Hidden Mouth Pointing To Your Crotch Steepling Full Body Steeple The Planes Of The Eyes Open Posture – Open Mind The Handshake The First Touch She Wants to Kiss Standing To Arouse Displaying Status Teasing And Opposite Body Language Blocking Body Rocking Taking Up Space Pecking Forward Lowering Your Drink Opening People Conclusion Section 7: Body Language – A Conclusion Acknowledgements References You are reading the free version of our Ebook – Dating, Attraction and Sexual Body Language.I'm proud to announce that my blog has moved over to our very own domain. Come and join me over at my new blog. The Body Language Project!I’m excited to be the one to share this wonderful tool with you!These signals may be silent (non-verbal) messages communicated through the sender's body movements, facial expressions, voice tone and loudness.Microexpressions, hand gestures, and posture register almost immediately, a silent orchestra that can have long-lasting repercussions.

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After reading through this book and studying the photographs, it won’t be a mystery any longer.Quote: "As for the pick up, I have never had much success with women.I could talk to them but could never get past LJBF [Let's Just Be Friends].It uncovered clues I never thought existed such as her showing interest by touching and proximity.It's honestly a great read, I really enjoyed it and I hope everyone knows about this book because there is nothing like it.

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