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Tokyo Subway Map (FLASH Format) There are two companies that run the Tokyo subway lines, Teito & Toei.

Transfers between the two companies' lines must be acquired at the time that we receive our tickets.

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Body language, and more technically the study of body language, is also known as kinesics (pronounced 'kineesicks'), which is derived from the Greek word kinesis, meaning motion. US and UK-English spellings, e.g., 'ize' and 'ise' are used in this page to allow for different searching preferences.This communal ritual, developed in the 16th century, emphasized the hyperconscious juxtaposition of found and finely crafted objects in an exercise intended to lead to subtle epiphanies of insight.It further highlighted the central role of indirection and understatement in the Japanese visual aesthetic.From ancient times, China has been the dominant and referential culture in East Asia.Although variously developed Neolithic cultures existed on the Korean Peninsula and on the Japanese archipelago, archaeological evidence in the form of worked stone and blades from the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods suggests an exchange between the early East Asian cultures and the early introduction of...

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